Dr Annetta Mallon PhD

PhD Social Science WSU (2016), B Soc Sci (Hons I) UWS (2010), Master of Art Therapy (MaATh) UWS (2009), B Fine Art UoN (2007), Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Western, HHP TCM Mueller College USA 1998

I am a thanatologist, professional writer, professional public speaker, academic, researcher, story-keeper, humourist, advocate, listener, networker, ally, and a compassionate, sex-positive support person. I am a former psychotherapist who worked for more than two decades concentrating on the arenas of grief and loss, injury and trauma recovery, and personal growth and development for my clients. I am a seasoned speaker and lecturer, regularly invited to speak at both academic and public events.

As an End Of Life Doula I offer consumer advocacy and education around options, rights, and choices at End Of Life, alongside a specialty of pet End Of Life support and atheist support services for humans, particularly Elder Orphans who may not have a family network to call upon when they are dying. For those with a zest for life my event organisation skills are in demand for Fabulous Going-Away Parties where you can attend your own funeral and – most importantly! – design your own playlist for the event. I am honest, ethical, and upfront with my clients while offering support with a sense of humour.

I worked in three countries as a somatic psychotherapist, and my client base ranged from professional dancers and elite athletes to corporate high-flyers and individuals who had life-changing accidents, surgeries, or injuries, young people through to the elderly. As many of my clients were living with terminal diagnoses and life-changing circumstances, I am a seasoned grief and support practitioner. As I have a health background I am able to translate and facilitate the understanding of options for medical/vet-based care, as well as for home-based End of Life options. I am available for listening, vigiling, support with End of Life planning options (including AHCP) for NSW, and liaising with your network for memorial and event planning.

If you are on the NSW Central Coast, Sydney, or Newcastle please do not hesitate to contact me, I am happy to speak with you about your End of Life options.


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