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What is an End of Life Doula?

DOULA (pronounced doo-lah) comes from a Greek word which – loosely translated – means worker or servant.

Doulas work to support life’s transitions*, and as an End Of Life Doula I work to support, advocate for, listen to, and sit with people who are going to die or preparing for their end of life and death. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you, or someone close to you, has received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, as this is usually when an End of Life Doula becomes a good choice for your support network.

End of Life Doula services vary, as each person’s needs and wishes are diferent, but can  range from explaining and helping people better understand the documents and legal choices they have around end of life (this information may vary by state in Australia), providing a point of contact between your health care providers and palliative care teams, to staying with you in the final stages of your life (vigiling), helping you to plan your eulogy and funeral, create a memorial project (book, artwork, poem, story, for example), and supporting your understanding of what your rights and options are at any point during your End of Life process.

I am available to be an End of Life Doula for both humans and pets/companion animals. If you or your pet have received a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, I can help you navigate your choices and understand your options. As an End of Life Doula I listen to you, support your choices, working with you to ensure your End of Life journey is as smooth as possible, and that – wherever possible – your wishes and needs are recognised and met.

I specialise in:

  • Fabulous Going-Away Parties (aka a Vertical Funeral)
  • Remembrance projects, events and creative memorials
  • Pet-friendly and -inclusive events (wherever possible)
  • Elder Orphans
  • Funerals, celebration of life events, and wakes
  • Advance planning for End Of Life, including exploration of your options and choices from a consumer advocacy position
  • Secular/atheist services

For further information please see the ‘Services‘ page and the ‘About‘ page.

*There are End of Life (EOL) Doulas and also birth Doulas – please note that these are very different arenas of work, and I do not offer birth Doula services.