Looking for End of Life Support? Have you considered an End of Life Doula?

As an End of Life Doula my perspective takes into account the many layers and nuances of lives (human and companion animal) when supporting someone on their end of life journey. Your end of life process is not just about the ‘moment’ of your (or your pet’s) life ending, but about putting into place, and into motion, the elements of yourself and your life that are most important to you when you begin to prepare for the journey towards the culmination of your life’s process. Deciding what the legacy, ripples, and echoes of what made you so wonderful and unique that will be imparted to those closest to you is made easier with the help of a Doula to guide, support, and assist you in making choices and understanding your options.

I take your layers and individuality, your life story and your wishes, into account when I become your Doula. Conversation, communication, listening, compassion, and inclusion are very important aspects of my approach to being a Doula.

Let’s talk.

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